im·per·fect (ɪmˈpɜːfɪkt) 

1. not perfect; characterized by defects or weaknesses
2. not complete or finished

3. (Grammar) of a verb form that expresses an uncompleted or ongoing action


You are. I am too. And as obvious as this may be, we tend to forget that we were all born imperfect.

You are imperfect when you conjugate verbs in the present while talking about the past. I am imperfect when I fail to meet your expectations. We are imperfect when we quit too soon if it’s too hard.

You are imperfect when you use the wrong preposition of place. I am imperfect when I say I’ll spend more time at home, but all I do is work from home. We are imperfect when we’re unable to stick to our promises.

You are imperfect when you are too harsh on yourself. I am imperfect when I bite off more than I can chew. We are imperfect when we think of ourselves as superheroes.

We are imperfect. We will always be. Humanly imperfect. Perfectly imperfect.

Yet, imperfect should never prevent us from better.

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