globe•trot•ter (ˈgloʊbˌtrɒt ər) 
noun. A person who travels often and widely to countries all over the world.


I love the expression cidadão do mundo. I love even more the expression globetrotter. And how I wish one was the translation of the other. But, no. The dictionary often prefers to translate “globetrotter” as “cosmopolita”, perhaps out of respect due to our dear Greek word kosmos.

Traveller. Walker. Explorer. I think what I like about the word globetrotter is the idea of journey, of making way as you go. Sometimes inwardly.

Yes, I do like the expression cidadão do mundo. But I know that I resort to it too much to justify my unjustifiable sense of non-belonging, which is as constant as my own existence. Being from two cultures and not truly belonging to neither gives us an awkward emptiness. So much so that we all somehow breathed a sigh of relief the day someone decided to invent the expression “cidadão do mundo”.

I am pleased by the idea of ​​a borderless world. But, maybe, we need not let go of any of our homelands to own the world as our homeland. And, maybe, just maybe, we need not own the world as our homeland to explore and incorporate it into us, in this immense world we hold inside.

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