bet·ter·ment (bĕt′ər-mənt, bɛtəmənt)

1. a change for the better; the act of making better

2. progress in development; steady improvement, enhancement or amelioration

3. (property law) an improvement that adds value to (or increases the value of) a property


practice doesn’t make it perfect.

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That’s a lie. Practice makes it better.

And the reason why so many people end up frustrated about language learning is that they choose to believe there’s this place where they will eventually get to, a place called perfection.

Well, there isn’t.

We’ve all been under this illusion, at least once in our lives. But then you have to wake up, remember you’re an adult and live up to that status. Perfection does not exist and you know it. I know it too.

If perfection existed, why do you think perfectionists would struggle so hard? They We are constantly between (a) taking pride in perfectionism as their our best quality and (b) denying it because it is the cause of so much suffering.

Practice makes it perfect better.

Perfection is unreal, especially when it comes to language learning. First, because you we are innately imperfect. Second, because so is language.

What is real is betterment—trusting the process and taking the journey. Making yourself better every day and adding value to who you are. Walking the walk towards perfection, without ever wanting to get there, and growing as you’re going.

Understanding the key difference between perfect (adjective) and perfect (verb)**—**that’s what betterment is about.

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