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The value we bring

For us language is a means to an end, not the end itself. In our Corporate TEA programs, employees learn what they need and what they consider most relevant for the best performance of their function, in alignment with the needs identified by the company.

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Tailor-made for Executives

Tailor-made language teaching and coaching for top executives.

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Training for Public Speaking

Preparation for meetings, presentations and other communication situations

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Individual and group classes

Flexible format focusing on the use of the language in the context of the company.

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Business Portuguese Courses

Business Portuguese on-demand courses for different business areas

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Corporate Communication

Linguistic review and proofreading of corporate communication material

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Prep for Exams and Certification

Guidance and practice for Portuguese official exams

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Why TEA?

Personalization, flexibility and simplicity in language learning

The English Affair brings a fresh and uncomplicated dynamic of English/Portuguese teaching to your company, with a flexible methodology, adapted not only to the language needs of the company but also to the interests of the participants. We focus on issues relevant to the business and the performance of employees.


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