Learn Portuguese

like you're having tea!

We want to help you speak Portuguese in a simple and flexible way through informal learning processes in natural contexts. 

It's not just about language

It's about connecting getting off the bubble expanding horizons saying what you feel becoming more flexible exploring local culture feeling that you belong language not being a limit

aprender Inglês a tomar chá

Learn Portuguese

like you're having tea!

We want to help you speak Portuguese in a simple and flexible way, through informal learning processes in natural contexts. 

aprender Inglês a tomar chá

It's not just about languages

It's about connecting knowing the world saying what you feel being more flexible fulfilling dreams

Hello, I'm Yonara!

Founder of TEA. Curious, communicator, communicative, language lover, passionate about people. Addicted to tea, chocolate and beautiful spots to linger around. 

I was born in Angola, raised in Portugal, live between the two but love to travel the world. I speak Portuguese as a first language, English as second, Spanish, French and Italian as foreign languages. Umbundu and Kimbundu are my ancestry languages.

All of this, plus my habit of questioning the status quo, led me to create TEA in 2013, as a rebellious response to traditional learning systems.

My academic path started in human development and not in Literature, so my perspective over language learning is quite a different one.

Although I have been an enabler of adult learning processes since 2007, as a teacher, trainer and mentor, I am increasingly more a learner than a teacher.

O TEA é para ti se procuras aprender Inglês num ambiente informal com quem te vê como pessoa, percebe o que precisas e te guia com foco no processo mas também nos resultados. 

let's have a date!

Affairs should not be complicated

1. Meet

Before choosing your ideal TEA, we assess your goals, needs and interests

2. Plan

Each person is unique and no one is the same. So we work your plan together

3. Enjoy

After finding your cup of TEA, you can start investing in your Portuguese

Want to learn Portuguese at your own pace?

Do you prefer to learn in a community?

Develop your Portuguese while practising and engaging with other people who share the same goals.

Ideal for sharing a study routine meeting new people getting confidence together beating procrastination trading ideas and engaging increasing vocabulary learning with a community

Your Portuguese needs a special support?

Not sure what is best for you?

Let's talk. We're happy to help!

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