Learn Portuguese

while you're having tea!

We have a methodology that promotes the mastery of the Portuguese language, through an informal learning process, in a natural context. Just like having tea with a friend. 

Be social, follow us:

How does it work?

Affairs were not made to be complicated, and that's why TEA is simple!

We always run away from bureaucracies, unrealistic commitments and stifling contracts. This doesn’t mean that we have no rules, but we try hard to make the process as fluid as possible.


TEA methodology is grounded on 3 principles: individualization, natural contexts and informal processes.

Assess needs

Before choosing your TEA Pack, we make an individual session to assess your goals, needs and interests and understand which pack is right for you.

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Measure and Plan

Make your own affair. Each person is unique and so are their needs, that’s why we define your Personal Plan together.

Buy the pack

Getting your TEA Pack is very simple. Once you've chosen the right pack for you, just make the payment and you can start investing in your Portuguese.

Test your Portuguese

Don’t know what your Portuguese level is? Take the test to find out!

Shall we have our first tea?

TEA Packs are different packs of hours that you may use as you prefer.

White TEA Pack

10h of Portuguese

Ideal for:

Starting study routine
Getting ready for a trip
Preparing for an interview


individual follow-up

Camomile TEA Pack

20h of Portuguese

Ideal for:

Increasing vocabulary
Gaining confidence
Preparing for a presentation


individual follow-up

Green TEA Pack

30h of Portuguese

Ideal for:

Perfecting the language
Speeding up the learning
Preparing for an exam


individual follow-up

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