blurred (blɜːd) 

indistinct or hazy in outline; unclear in form or expression

Blurred is what life is. Most of the time. Against our desire for clarity. And we must keep going, we always have to, even especially when things get blurred. Because somehow, somewhere, at a given step of the way, things will get clearer and the blur will eventually disappear. This is particularly true for the learning process, I tell it often to our students. Things will seem confusing and vague, not making sense at times. But there will come a time when everything will fall into place. And the world will make sense again, as you make sense of the world.

The fact that I love the word blurred doesn’t make it less complex as a phenomenon. It is not easy to keep going when you can’t see the path clearly. But, somehow, someway, you have to trust the process. Even Especially when things get blurred.

You’ll always need blur to understand clarity. Just like you need dark to understand light.

Don’t quit. Even Especially when things get blurred.

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