light (laɪt)

electromagnetic radiation of any frequency or wavelength, sometimes visible by the normal human eye

1. to set on fire; to ignite or burn
2. to emit light; to become luminous
3. to provide, cover, or fill with light; to illuminate

1. characterised by or filled with light; bright
2. not dark in colour
3. having a greater degree of lightness; not heavy


I thought of August and wished to talk about lightness. But then I wanted to write about light. And in the midst of it all, I remembered that light is actually a verb too. A verb with which we can conjugate all of our days, in all its forms and shapes, so often in actions that the Grammar dares to call phrasal when they should, in fact, be emotional.

I guess I cannot recall any other English word that is trickier than light. Well, that’s actually a lie, there are plenty of them. Fortunately, though, all ways of translating light into Portuguese seem to be positive. Maybe that’s a good sign.

When I thought of August, I thought about how much I wish yours to be light. And, in that lightness, may it bring you the light you need to light up September and, thus, restart. Light.

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