fear of speaking

blind·fold·ed (blaɪndfəʊldɪd)

1. wearing a blindfold; covering the eyes with or as if with a bandage.
2. prevented from seeing and especially from comprehending.



12 raisins, 12 wishes, a handful of resolutions, 12 months to fulfil them all. Even so, the only sure thing about the future is that it always follows a present. Everything else is just jumping blindfolded.

And you make plans, draw diagrams, write notes on post-its so that the brain won’t forget the promises you’ve made … with the heart. Yet, it is certain that there is a time to plan and a time to live. And living is a lot about experimenting blindfolded.

Plan it. Plan it well. Project every detail of the life you want to live. But in your plans, leave room for trial, error and frustration. The surest thing about the past is that it was still present not long ago. And you may not even have noticed, because you forgot to live it.

This present is yours, it’s yours for free. Embrace the fact that from time to time you will have to take a leap blindfolded but, whenever you can, open your eyes and enjoy the journey.

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