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of•ten (ˈɔ fən, ˈɒf ən; ˈɔf tən, ˈɒf-)

1. many times; frequently.

2. in many cases. 

fre·quen·te·men·te |qüen|

How often do you pronounce the t in often? Often enough to change, perhaps.

Quite often, we tell lies to ourselves. Every so often, we say we cannot, when we know we can. More often than not, we get to believe in those stories we tell.

Quite often, we let others define what we are. Every so often, we act as we don’t care, even though we do. And, more often than not, we adjust our behaviour to fulfil those expectations.

Quite often, we search for perfection. Every so often, we compare ourselves to others. More often than not, we prefer to quit than facing their judgement. 

How often is it often enough to change?

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