re·tune (riːˈtjuːn) 

1. to tune (a musical instrument) differently or again
2. to tune (a radio, television, etc) to a different frequency


Did you ever feel unattuned, out of tune, like a radio unable to find the right frequency?

I do. Many of us do. There will always be times when you feel out of place, out of time, out of tempo. Like a piano in a dissonant tone, you will feel uncomfortable, misfit, strange. Out of your mind, out of your world, out of yourself. When those times come, stop. Find the right frequency in you. And then retune.

It is okay, from time to time, to find yourself moving at the wrong pace, chasing the wrong goals, borrowing someone else’s dreams. What is not okay is living this mismatched forever.

Stop. Your heart knows the right frequency. Retune.

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