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What we’ve got


If we’ve got a home, if we’ve got shoes.

If we’ve got love, if we’ve got schooling.

If we’ve got souls, if we’ve got friendship – we’ve got it all! What we have is life.

Nina Simone’s anthem to happiness is a beautiful lesson on how to appreciate our true blessings.

When we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off what remains is our soul, what sustains us is our hearts and what keeps us going is our spirit.

I believe doors will open when the key is balance. So weight your strengths, measure your will and tailor your needs.

In the end of the day we are all united by the matter that builds us up and by the values that brings us together.

We may not have a lot, but we have so much!

And what we have got, the reason why we are alive anyway, no one can take that away.

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