Someone told me a smooth sea doesn’t make a skillful sailor. Well, I do not like sailing! The mere thought of it just gives me the shivers.

I guess my seasickness comes from the difficult struggle of navigating in a life of challenges.

We all should learn how to sail, really. To face the waves and to fight sea creatures, we need to come out of our shelves, put on the gear and dive into the adventure.

But it’s hard to sail on an angry sea..! How can we get ready for the storms..?

Exactly, we can’t. We face them, we overcome them, we learn from them.

And when the storm passes and the sea is calm again, the feeling of peace is the greatest reward we could possibly get.

In the end, there is a sailor in each and everyone of those whose life is not a quiet sea and whose struggles hit like giant waves.

Let our goals be our lighthouse and our skills be our anchor.

As for every problem, there is a solution and for every sailor, there is a safe harbor.

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