lei·sure (ˈlɛʒə; ˈliːʒər)

1. free time from the demands of work or other duties
2. relaxation or activities engaged in during such time
3. unhurried ease


What is leisure for you?

As I begin to close my week to finally pack for what I’ve been proudly bragging about to be a week of holidays, my mind gently drifts. People often ask me why I never go on holidays, though I do. I often ask me why people spend their year planning all the fun they’ll have when they’re on holidays, though they hardly do.

I guess the problem is that we confuse holidays with leisure, then end up getting lost in our idea of leisure, then forget what leisure should be about. You don’t need holidays to enjoy leisure, but you do need leisure in order to enjoy holidays.

Before you go on another frustrating holidays period, that will make you feel even more exhausted than when you’ve started, ask yourself: “What is leisure for me?”

( it might also be worth checking how it’s pronounced )

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