The Lesson

Coffee Shop

As he parked his car close to Joe’s coffee shop, Phil realized he was running late for his first English class. It was the first after school learning experience and he was a nervous wreck!

– Oh boy, what did I get myself into… 

He could not help but wonder if his teacher would be like Mrs. Brown, known in his old high school as the ‘British witch’! As he entered the coffee shop where he usually got his latte (strong, no sugar), he felt confident and relaxed enough to notice a very nice looking young girl:

– Excuse me, is this seat taken? 

– Hello. Well, I’m waiting for someone.

– Actually, me too. I booked an English class and my teacher should be here any minute now.

Little did he know SHE was his English teacher, and her name was Rachel Brown, his high school teacher’s daughter! As soon as Rachel realized the funny situation, she decided to play along, not telling him who she was. So there’s that! In the end of the day, she surely taught him a lesson. Two lessons, actually!

Phil had his first English class without realizing it and learned he should never assume all teachers are the same.
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