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The poetry in Tea…

poetry in tea

One of these days, as I was looking through an old poetry book, I came across a poem by Thomas Hardy, an English novelist and poet, and immediately thought to myself: it’s all about the poetry in tea…

One or two days later, while googling, I found a lovely little poem about tea parties, written by Jessica Nelson North, an American author, poet and editor.

[Num destes dias, ao folhear um velho livro de poesia, encontrei um poema de Thomas Hardy, um romancista e poeta Inglês. Pensei imediatamente: tem tudo que ver com a poesia do chá…

Um ou dois dias depois, ao navegar pelo Google, encontrei um pequeno e adorável poema sobre festas de chá, escrito por Jessica Nelson North, uma autora, poetisa e editora Americana.]

At tea

The kettle descants in a cosy drone,
And the young wife looks in her husband’s face,
And then at her guest’s, and shows in her own
Her sense that she fills an envied place;
And the visiting lady is all abloom,
And says there was never so sweet a room.

And the happy young housewife does not know
That the woman beside her was first his choice,
Till the fates ordained it could not be so. …
Betraying nothing in look or voice
The guest sits smiling and sips her tea,
And he throws her a stray glance yearningly.

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928)

The Tea Party

I had a little tea party this afternoon at three.
‘Twas very small,
three guests in all,
Just I, myself and me.

Myself ate up the sandwiches,
While I drank up the tea.
‘Twas also I who ate the pie,
And passed the cake to me.

Jessica Nelson North (1891-1988)


Please comment if you know any other poems related to Tea.

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