On Americanisms – Part 2


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Hello, and welcome back to our mini-series of blog posts on Americanisms! Last time, I gave you guys a quick lesson on “ya’ll”, a conjunction commonly used in the Southern and Appalachian regions of the United States. Today, I’ll give you another word from the same region, but one that is a little bit more obscure.

Fixing! Yes, you read that right, the word is fixing. This slang word is more often pronounced as fixin, without the g at the end. As previously stated, this word is very common in the Southern and Appalachian sections of the country, but it’s also heavily used in the inner cities, where the pronunciation is much more difficult to perceive; it sounds more like finnah. “I’m finnah drive to the store.”

And no, in this case, fixing does not mean to repair something! It has nothing to do with the verb “fix.” It more closely means “to be about to do something,” where “about” means “soon.” Using the word “fixing” is perhaps a bit simpler, right? “I’m fixing to eat the salad” means “I’m about to eat the salad” or “I’m going to eat the salad soon.”

That’s the end of our second lesson on Americanisms. Once again, I hope you enjoyed it and that you’ll be able to perceive the word when listening to American television and music in the future!

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con·sis·ten·cy (kən-sĭs′tən-sē) noun.   1. agreement, accordance, or harmony between parts; compatibility


mis·take (mĭ-stāk′ or mɪˈsteɪk) noun.

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