The work of others

By Paula Ramos

I’m a civil servant and I’m on holiday.

Yesterday, I had a very busy day. In the morning I got up and opened the bedroom window. It smelled of freshly cut grass. The gardener was tending the garden. I turned on the radio to listen to my favourite singer.

After that, I did my personal hygiene and the bathtub tap was dripping, so I called the plumber.

Meantime, the doorbell rang. It was the postman. A friend had written to invite me to take a holiday in “Las Palmas”.

Then I went to the neighbourhood bakery to have a coffee and eat a cake. They have an excellent baker.

In front of the pastry shop, they are constructing a new building. There were a lot of workers there, the engineer, the architect, the painter, the electrician, the carpenter, the constructor.

Then I went to the hairdresser and the beautician.

January is the month of sales, so I decided to buy a skirt and a dress. The dress suited me very well and I felt so beautiful that I went to the photographer. Then I went to the seamstress to get my skirt mended.

Meanwhile, it was lunchtime. At the restaurant, the manager recommended the chef‘s specialty. The waiter was very attentive in serving me fish and chips. When I went to pay for lunch, there was an error with my credit card and I had to pay in cash. At the bank, the bank clerk replaced my credit card.

I felt more comfortable and went to a travel agency to buy the holiday trip. The travel agent gave me good information about the tours on the island and a hostess reassured me with the plane trip.

Then I went to a bookstore to buy the latest book of a famous journalist. The publisher is my friend.

While I was walking on the pavement, a dog ran away from the owner and was hit by a car. When I ran to help, I fell and hurt my knee. Nothing serious! We took the dog to the vet and, in the hospital, the nurse and the doctor treated my knee. Still at the hospital, I asked the secretary to arrange a dental appointment.

I finally got to The English Affair session. The teacher was pleased that I had done my homework about the work of others.

{Paula has been in an English affair with us since May 2013}
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