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noth•ing•ness (nŭth′ĭng-nĭs, ˈnʌθ ɪŋ nɪs)

1. the state or condition of being nothing; nonexistence
2. empty or unfilled space; lack of being
3. absence of consciousness or life
4. complete insignificance or worthlessness
5. something that is worthless or insignificant



How can nothing be so much?

Nothingness takes up space. It starts growing into you and then beyond you, to surround you and fill up the room that was once occupied by you only. But nothingness can also give you space.

Nothingness takes up time. It sticks around the hands of your clock, dragging on the hours, making them longer, then shorter, in a dimension that is hard to describe. But nothingness can also give you time.

Nothingness takes up energy. It can be so roomy and sticky that it requires a higher consumption of power, preventing you from being the efficient system you could be. But nothingness can also give you energy back.

How can nothing be so much? It’s amazing the amount of things that can fit into nothing. Take your time to enjoy nothingness, before you stuff it with all this load.

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