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Like a tattoo

Like a tattoo

I had a wise black cat. He was black like the darkest of the nights, wise like the brightest of the days.

I had a wise black cat who smiled when I cried and healed my falling tears and broken dreams. He was gentle like a flower, sweet like a Sunday morning, warm like a winter blanket.

Like a tattoo, I’ll hold his heart in my arms and his memory in my heart and forever goes without saying…

Like a tattooHe was one of a kind and it’s kind of funny the way he played that night. Like every night, he faced the window, stared at the moon and emptied his mind. I believe love was in his last thought and kindness in his last breath, for he looked at me with gentle eyes.

I believed in my cat. I can’t believe he’s gone. I won’t forget his presence, I will cherish his joy and share his peace.

I’ll wear him like a tattoo. I’ll love him this way too.

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