bright (braɪt)

1. full of light; emitting or reflecting much light; shining

2. with a highly saturated, intense or vivid colour
3. brilliant; polished; glistening
4. glorious; magnificent; splendid
5. full of promise and hope; auspicious
6. full of animation; happy; cheerful
7. clear and distinct (of a sound); clear and translucent (of a liquid)
8. quick to learn or understand; intelligent; clever


What is your kind of ‘bright’?

Whether it’s in Portuguese or in English, the word “bright” is one that immediately takes us to a positive place somewhere. We think of The Sound of Music, or of Heidi happily running through the Swiss Alps.

Well, not always. And this is the point I want to make.

When we look at all the definitions provided above, we are foolishly led to think that “bright” is always a good thing. It could be… if it wasn’t for the pressure we all suffer to be “bright people”. Mentally speaking, that is. Not bright as happy, full of light beings, but bright as remarkably intelligent lab rats. If you’re not bright then, I’m sorry to say… but you’re dim, which means… you’re dumb.

No one wants to be dumb. So, we push ourselves to be the brightest, in this nonsensical race to break all records. To be the quickest to figure it out, to have the right answer at the tip of our tongue, to always know it all.

Well, you don’t need this.

In fact, what will make you brighter is being more you, more human, more clear. Acknowledging your “humanity” will help you recognize your flaws, identify your learning difficulties and set a realistic plan to improve.

That’s the kind of “bright” you need. And we’re here to help if you need.

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