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An informal experience to learn Portuguese

An informal experience to learn Portuguese

TEA is not a language school. In fact, it's an anti-school: an unconventional alternative to traditional learning systems.

We develop private Portuguese and English classes, with a methodology focused on simplicity, personalization and flexibility in learning. 


Just like having tea with a friend.

Learning a language should be as simple as having tea with friends

Learning a language should be as simple as having tea with friends

More than a service, TEA is a language learning experience within natural contexts, either real or virtual.

One-to-One classes

Individual TEA sessions to learn the language in a totally personalized and flexible way. These may take place in-person in social settings, online or blended.

Group Classes

TEA sessions in small groups, to learn the language by interacting and sharing. These may take place in-person in social settings, online or blended.

Exclusive Programs

Learning experiences with a directed focus, to develop specific language skills. May be online or in-person and have limited access due to their specificity.


Events to bring the CommuniTEA together, with teachers, students, friends and partners, to socialize, practice the language and trade ideas in a relaxed informal atmosphere.

The story of an affair

TEA was born in 2013 as a rebellious response to traditional language learning systems, for we believe that everyone is entitled to enjoy Language as a positive experience. In a very natural manner, TEA has been taking its space as a way of being, and over time we have been collecting friends and many stories to tell.


Despite all the planning and professionalism, our sessions really feel like a conversation between friends, enhancing the mastery of the Portuguese language as a whole, through informal learning processes, in natural contexts where we can have a cup of tea.


Mission – To provide a full set of contexts, processes and tools for a natural and effective learning of the Language


Values – Simplicity, Transparency, Customization and Flexibility

Very fun and interesting concept. Wonderful teacher. Thank you for everything.
Daniela Pimentel

Our Team

We are a group of rebels who believe that a language is best learnt in the least conventional way possible, and that everyone is entitled to a positive learning experience.

Yonara Mateus


Inventive and provocative, she is the one formally in charge of TEA but her job is all about “adding fuel to the fire”.

Isabel Cordeiro


Relational and sensible, she is great at “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” and gives consistency to TEA pedagogy.



Practical and insightful, our “rookie” brings fresh air into the team and always has a “card up her sleeve” to get to a solution.

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