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Wanna grow as a

language teacher?

Join UnTEAchers Club

our exclusive community of rebels who teach with intention and purpose, while building a strong personal brand.

Traditional teaching has become dull

and here are 3 reasons for that

But if you want to be part of the status quo, stay where you are!

Your knowledge is worth Ø if it causes no transformation

We help you go from content-centric to people-centric teaching

o que é o tea

Don't join UnTEAchers Club

Unless you want to...

Make a difference

be part of a fresh concept and an innovative yet humanized teaching approach that highlights your value

Market yourself

enhance your visibility as a (un)TEAcher and promote your profile to a wider audience on our platforms

Team up

connect and interact with like-minded (un)TEAchers to exchange ideas, learn strategies and find new solutions

Use flexible material

access a full database of versatile teaching material, where you’re free to get inspiration, to create and share

Get admin support

we know how red tape is, so we help you with bureaucracy, and you focus on your real business: teaching

Grow with mentoring

unlock your potential with continuous mentoring and guidance to build a value-based teaching approach

TEA is continuously working on partnerships to bring you further benefits and advantages

If you are passionate and creative

get out of that price rat-race where all teachers are the same

Your learners deserve to get the results that only your uniqueness can provide. Stop devaluing that!


It’s not about content, it’s about people. It’s not about what you know, it’s about using that to create a positive impact.

When you get this, money will no longer be a reason, but a consequence.

How to know if UnTEAchers Club is for you?

The club is for you if you're unsettled and want to...

The club is for you if you're unsettled and want to...

be critical

questioning the status quo and yourself, using critical reasoning to drive positive change in you and others.

be daring

embracing creativity and risk-taking as part of planning, being bold and taking controlled risks in pedagogic decisions.

be committed

taking ownership, acknowledging the importance of preparation and consistency, and being accountable as part of a whole.

be flexible

opening up to different perspectives, being elastic, adaptable and positively responsive in fluid and changing environments.

be inspiring

building humanized relationships beyond commercial and technical scopes and using own experiences as an example to impact others, your ecosystem and the world we live in.

What you get inside the club

Your membership includes
  • a networking community 24/7
  • first-hand TEAching opportunities
  • a dedicated unTEAcher profile
  • an exclusive monthly masterclass
  • monthly group mentoring sessions
  • self-development inspiration bits
  • key didactic resource highlights
  • continuous admin support
  • BONUS: 30-min individual mentoring*

Join UnTEAchers Club

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