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bri·lho (‘bɾiʎu)

1. fulgor ou luz que um corpo emite ou reflecte
2. esplendormagnificência
3. vivacidade
4. o que impressiona positivamente


How to say brilho in English? A few years ago I wrote about this, regarding the type of brilho talent has. This is one of those rare situations in which Portuguese seems to be way simpler than English.

Why is it so hard? The challenge is to find, in an almost endless list of [false] synonyms, the kind of brilho you are referring to. And time has not made it any easier to find the best translation, but today I decided to choose one of my favourite types, glow.

Glow is not glitter. Not even sparkling sequins. It is also not the metallic brilho of diamonds or gold, that would be shine. Let alone the plastic brilho of varnish coating, that’s gloss.

Glow is a brilho with light, so it could almost be brightness if this was not so on the surface, often mistaken for brilliance. Glow is a brilho with light, but from such an inner place that it is unlikely to be an exact synonymous with any other.

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