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bri·lho (‘bɾiʎu) substantivo. 1. fulgor ou luz que um corpo emite ou reflecte 2. esplendor; magnificência 3. vivacidade 4. o que impressiona positivamente glow How to say brilho in English? A few years ago I wrote about this, regarding the type of brilho talent has. This is one of those rare situations in which Portuguese seems to be way simpler than English. Why is it so hard? The challenge […]


of•ten (ˈɔ fən, ˈɒf ən; ˈɔf tən, ˈɒf-) adverb. 1. many times; frequently. 2. in many cases.  fre·quen·te·men·te |qüen| How often do you pronounce the t in often? Often enough to change, perhaps. Quite often, we tell lies to ourselves. Every so often, we say we cannot, when we know we can. More often than not, we get to believe in those stories we tell. Quite […]


globe•trot•ter (ˈgloʊbˌtrɒt ər)  noun. A person who travels often and widely to countries all over the world. cos·mo·po·li·ta I love the expression cidadão do mundo. I love even more the expression globetrotter. And how I wish one was the translation of the other. But, no. The dictionary often prefers to translate “globetrotter” as “cosmopolita”, perhaps out of respect due to our dear Greek word kosmos. […]

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