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Suspension point

sus·pen·sion point (səˈspɛnʃən pɔɪnt) noun. One of a series of dots, usually three, used to indicate an incomplete statement or the omission of a word or words from a written text.   re·ti·cên·cia Like the last scene of a movie that kept you grabbed to the screen for the past two hours, for you to […]

Our feelings

By Paula Ramos They say the Portuguese are a peaceful people and I believe so, because this year we have been put to the test in some situations. At the beginning of the year, we followed on TV a conflicting situation between taxi drivers. We saw nervous and angry men arguing and a very uptight police force. I […]

The Box

By Paula Ramos Since the box had arrived it remained in the hall for months. I loved my grandmother and didn’t feel prepared to open her mushy box. Yesterday, I decided to open it and what a lovely surprise! Family photos. Wedding and birthday parties, Christmas and Easter parties. Many travel photos and lots of […]

A diferença que uma letra faz

A Língua Inglesa adora simplificar, e de tanto simplificar acaba por complicar. Isso já não é novidade, ora pois, e facilmente se percebe ao passar por uma das nossas categorias preferidas, fake friends or lovers? Uma das coisas que mais me fascina nestas confusões do Inglês e que dá imensa piada à Língua (para mim, […]

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