Suspension point


sus·pen·sion point (səˈspɛnʃən pɔɪnt)

One of a series of dots, usually three, used to indicate an incomplete statement or the omission of a word or words from a written text.



Like the last scene of a movie that kept you grabbed to the screen for the past two hours, for you to finally realize it is “to be continued…”, your heart has been put in suspension point…

Suspension points are hard to deal with because they give us mixed feelings. If on one side you would give anything to know what comes after, on the other – exactly with the same intensity – you are dreadfully afraid to find it out. And, yet, you have to live with it. Suspension point…

Like an unintended spoiler of that same movie, on my last whisper, I told you to unplug. It didn’t mean to be a spoiler, though, let alone some kind of subliminal prophecy. I know nothing more than you do. But if there’s one thing I know is that grammar teaches a lot about life. It is a punctuation mark, but suspension point could also be a state. The state we’re in. On hold. Waiting. Hoping.

Like that “to be continued…” scene, your heart won’t deter life to continue its flow, even when it is in suspension point. So, in the meantime, live.

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