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Language of Love

Language of Love

“What language do words speak? What if words spoke a language?” Wondered Alice as she put her son to bed.

“Carry on, mummy. I like this topic.” Sam, her brilliant and sensitive little boy, encouraged her to continue her wandering thoughts.

“We are all united by the meaning of words even if we speak different languages.”

“But how?”, asked Sam.

“Well”, his mother explained, “when we are telling a bedtime story, for example, we are trying to calm a child down so that he or she falls asleep faster.”

“So, all the mums and dads do the same as you?” Sam was a bit of a nosy boy and wanted to know everything, all the time.

“Telling a story is a great way to make a child go to sleep. Even though there are many different idioms in the world, we all speak the same language when it comes to feelings. This language and the tone of the voice as we read convey peace and tranquility, no matter what idiom we are speaking in. It’s the language of love!”


“Yes, dear?”

“Will you speak in love with me forever?”

“Oh, Sam…” replied Alice as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Did dad spoke in love with you, mummy?”

“Yes, he did.” Alice always believed protecting her son from the harsh truth was the best solution. Sam never knew his father had left them two years before to try his luck as a Hollywood actor.

“He can speak the languages he wants with whoever he wants!” Alice never said this, but her mind couldn’t be quiet.

“So how come he doesn’t anymore? Did he forget how? What language does dad speak now?”

“My sweet baby boy, everyone knows this language but not all people speak it.”

“But, why, mummy? Isn’t it the best language in the world?”

“Well, like all languages, we need to practice, to nurture our knowledge so that it can grow and develop into a perfect dialect.”

“Mummy, you speak love so well, I always understand what you mean, and you don’t even need to say anything…”

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