Just like this

just like this

Listen to the sound of silence and say goodbye to your old friend sadness.

Make the best of your normal and the perfect of your good.

Breathe the deepest of that spring scent, dive the crap out of that ocean, read the hell out of that book.

You have to be willing to feel happy about nothing.

Love your life just as it is, until someone loves you just as you are.

Kiss those lips whenever you have the chance, but hold that hand only when you’re ready.

But if you’ve got the fire, you’ve got to let it burn. And if you’ve got the freedom, you’ve got to let it run.

Happiness will catch you when the one who loves you makes you feel free.

Just as you are. Just as you were. Just as you will be.

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mel·low (mĕl′ō, ˈmɛləʊ) adjective.  


em·brace (ĕm-brās′, ɛmˈbreɪs) verb.  

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