Invitation to a party

girl with umbrella in the rain
by Paula Ramos

Celebration of the Rain


Our country is in drought.

Water is important for agriculture and for all sectors of the economy.

Tomorrow, November 1st, it is going to rain.

Although it is the day to pay homage to those who are no longer among us, I propose that we remember them with joy and celebrate the return of the rain.

The party will be on the terrace of the building at 10 pm.

The entrance is free but you must bring suitable clothing: raincoat, galoshes and an umbrella.

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed, but hot drinks such as hot chocolate, tea and coffee will be served.

There will be a Karaoke session with allusive songs (“Singin’ in the Rain”, The song of the 1952′ musical with the same name) and also a competition for “the best costume to wear when it rains”.

The party will last until the following morning.

We hope to see the rainbow, so that, each of you will look for your pot of gold.

You’re all invited! Bring your friends and have fun!


Note: I’m going to buy some things for the party and I would appreciate if someone would help me with the shopping.

You should ring my bell and ask for the rain.

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