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Heading south


Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the time passing by like a cargo ship heading south, there he was – as always – wishing for something to change.

– It’s heading south, he mumbled.

– I can only imagine what kind of load it carries. So many different people, so many different stories in the same place crossing the ocean.

– Like me, carrying all this heavy load! Except I don’t know where I’m headed… South! I could go south.

There it was: the aha moment he was looking for. The sea, the silence and the sun were exactly what his mind needed to clear up. 

On that day – that one day – he changed his life forever. That’s right, he changed his life, he decided to change it and took action. He moved, started over and succeeded! 

For the first time, he succeeded!

He wanted some sugar in his bowl, a little sweetness in his soul (it’s funny how Nina springs up from time to time…)

And off he went, heading south, taking a trip to the future, making true what others just dreamt of but were too scared to pursuit: the ultimate freedom.

What lied ahead was a mystery.

But whatever the future held, it would be as bright as that morning he sat on the dock of the bay.

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bet·ter·ment (bĕt′ər-mənt, bɛtəmənt) noun.   1. a change for the better;


con·sis·ten·cy (kən-sĭs′tən-sē) noun.   1. agreement, accordance, or harmony between parts; compatibility

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