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blind·fold·ed (blaɪndfəʊldɪd) adjective. 1. wearing a blindfold; covering the eyes with or as if with a bandage. 2. prevented from seeing and especially from comprehending.   às·ce·gas   Read this article in English here.     12 passas, 12 desejos, uma mão cheia de resoluções, 12 meses para as concretizar. Apesar de tudo, a única coisa certa sobre o futuro é que ele se segue sempre a um presente. Tudo o resto é […]


im·per·fect (ɪmˈpɜːfɪkt)  adjective. 1. not perfect; characterized by defects or weaknesses 2. not complete or finished 3. (Grammar) of a verb form that expresses an uncompleted or ongoing action im·per·fei·to(a) You are. I am too. And as obvious as this may be, we tend to forget that we were all born imperfect. You are imperfect when you conjugate verbs in the present while talking about the past. I […]

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