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Brutally honest

Where do we set the boundaries between honesty and politeness? How far can we go when speaking the truth?

There should be no need to state the obvious. Honesty is the best path to find ourselves, even if our wish is to get lost.

“No, I won’t go out with you. I don’t feel like it. I’m not in the mood to put up with a just-got-separated-need-another-girl-any-girl kind of guy.”

“Just because you’re alone? Why calling me? Are you afraid of the dark? Do I look like a lamp? In what place am I on your list?”

“Learn to deal with yourself, moron!”

We are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness, but our own. The truth is we need to learn how to deal with ourselves, how to be happy alone until we are ready to share our happiness.

It is crucial to fight the urge to cry on the closest shoulder, and to reach for the nearest hand.

We have to be able to lick our own wounds, mind our own businesses, express our own truth.

Why are we willing to be with anyone but not with ourselves?

“I thought you had a girlfriend! Oh, you are in an open relationship? Does she know…?”

“I am not a spare key, my friend. And I will certainly not stay on a shelve waiting to be picked like the book from which you skipped most of the chapters and rushed to the end. Which, by the way, was not a happy one.”

Why is it so easy to begin a new story and so hard to finish an old one?

Happy ending or not, it’s plain to see it’s over.

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bet·ter·ment (bĕt′ər-mənt, bɛtəmənt) noun.   1. a change for the better;


con·sis·ten·cy (kən-sĭs′tən-sē) noun.   1. agreement, accordance, or harmony between parts; compatibility


mis·take (mĭ-stāk′ or mɪˈsteɪk) noun.

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