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Mute / Unmute

mute (myo͞ot or mjuːt) noun. 1. To silence or soften the sound of. 2. To soften the tone, colour, shade, or hue of.   si·len·ci·ar Mute é uma daquelas palavras que, por nos parecer intraduzível, acabamos quase sempre por manter no original. Por pura preguiça, é verdade, mas talvez também pelo medo do seu contrário: unmute. O que raio será unmute em Português: dessilenciar? Enfim… Mute/Unmute. Deves conhecer […]


awe (ô) noun. an overwhelming feeling of respect, reverence, admiration, fear or wonder, often inspired by something majestic or extremely powerful.    es·pan·to There is a quite famous quote, often attributed to Albert Einstein, that reads that “there are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The […]


noth•ing•ness (nŭth′ĭng-nĭs, ˈnʌθ ɪŋ nɪs) noun. 1. the state or condition of being nothing; nonexistence 2. empty or unfilled space; lack of being 3. absence of consciousness or life 4. complete insignificance or worthlessness 5. something that is worthless or insignificant   na·da How can nothing be so much? Nothingness takes up space. It starts growing into you and then beyond you, to surround you and fill up the room that was once occupied by […]


flow (flō, fləʊ, floʊ) verb. 1. to move along or run smoothly in a stream; to circulate 2. to proceed steadily and easily 3. to exhibit a smooth or graceful continuity noun. 1. the smooth motion characteristic of fluids 2. a stream, current or flood 3. continuous movement or circulation flu·ir Doesn’t life feel like a river? A steady flow, running fluidly along a stream. Sometimes low tide, sometimes high. Sometimes the current is strong, sometimes weak. Doesn’t life […]

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