Jane and Jimmy

just married
By Shuang Wu

Jane was 28 when she met Jimmy. It was {raining cats and dogs}, Jane didn’t have an umbrella and neither did Jimmy. They started chatting about the weather, then the {cheesy} film they both had seen.

Jimmy was the first {carrot top} that Jane had gone out with. He didn’t have a handsome face as Jane expected for a boyfriend, but she thought it was funny to date a {lone wolf} with cute red curls.

Months after, Jimmy told Jane that when he saw her for the first time he felt {weak at the knees}; she was like a crane standing among chickens, {dressed to the nines}, beautiful as a goddess. He asked her to marry him and when Jane said ‘yes’ it was {music to Jimmy’s ears}.

They had a few {teething problems} early in their marriage, but they were never {in deep water}. Once they were {at each other’s throats} but they knew {it takes two to tango}.

The birth of Harry came as a ray of sunshine in their marriage. When Jimmy knew Jane {had a bun in the oven}, he was {full of beans}, {nuts} about babies’ toys, babies’ clothes, babies’ food {and all that jazz}.

Raising up a child was {virgin territory} for Jimmy and Jane. Luckily, Jane was {down to earth}; she stopped her husband when he was trying to teach a one-year-old baby to {reach for the stars} with huge books of aeronautical engineering.

Harry graduated, Harry married, Harry is a father! Time went by, now Jane and Jimmy are retired, and they travel a lot. {In a nutshell}, Jane thinks she has had a happy marriage.

{Shuang is in an English affair with us since February 2015}
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