THE ENGLISH AFFAIR (TEA) is a registered brand with INPI number 547639, owned by Yonara Mateus (NIF 234426640), with the purpose of trading customized services for the development of language private classes.


In order to facilitate the communication and understanding of how TEA works, before completing your registration on the Website, you must become aware of and accept the Terms and Conditions set forth below.


About the service

The service is provided to the person who has purchased it, or to any other person explicitly designated in writing, and it is carried out fundamentally as monthly subscriptions.


The use of the service is only possible after the full payment of the monthly fee and upon receipt of the corresponding proof. No partial payments are allowed unless otherwise determined by the Managing Direction.


The payment of the service is made by wire transfer, according to the country where the service is provided: PT50 0023 0000 45532965359 94 (Portugal) ou AO06 0040 0000 080243151014 8 (Angola). Alternative payment methods may also be used, whenever they are available at the payment checkout.


The paid amount includes initial assessment, definition of a personalized plan (adjusted to identified needs), individualized or group learning guidance with a qualified teacher (according to the purchased program) and diverse didactic material prepared by the teacher.


The paid amount does not include official didactic material for exam preparation or other purposes (e.g. Cambridge ESOL manuals and audio), which must be purchased by users who may want or need it.

About TEA Packs

TEA Packs are monthly subscriptions that give access to different English and Portuguese language development programs. Each program consists of a set of benefits that vary depending on the TEA Pack, namely the intensity (hours per month), additional support and plan review, level of personalization, schedule flexibility, among others.


After payment, the TEA Pack is activated and the program features are available for immediate use during the monthly cycle and until the next payment.


The price of each TEA Pack is presented on the Website (www.englishaffair.com). Any other customized solution outside this scope requires a prior quotation and may have different prices depending on the customer’s request and the solution proposed by TEA.


Prices featured on the Website have no VAT included and are exempt when invoiced as a Tutoring service. If you wish the service to be invoiced as Training, the legal tax rate in force will be added to those. For invoice issuance, you must inform us during the payment about the NIF / NIPC to which it will be associated.


TEA may, at any time and without prior notice, change the price of any of its programs, and those changes may or not be featured on the Website (e.g. seasonal offers and discounts).


The service can be re-hired with no limits by the same user with the renewal of the TEA Pack. Each TEA Pack is renewable through a monthly subscription from the date of purchase, and the defined plan is reviewed every two (2) to six (6) months.


The service is provided with variable frequency according to the combined availability of the teacher and the user. Depending on the intensity, the frequency may be higher or lower, within a recommended monthly average of 8 to 12 hours. In high intensity programs the frequency can go up to 16h/month.


All the hours should be used within its corresponding monthly cycle, as there is no transfer of hours from one monthly payment cycle to the other.

About TEA sessions

The total duration of a TEA Pack is divided into individual sessions (TEA sessions) lasting 1 hour or more.


In each session, the corresponding number of hours is withdrawn from the total available for the pack, until the monthly limit is reached.


In-person sessions take place in social settings where we can drink tea (cafes, tea houses, terraces, hotel lounges, bars, etc.), provided the necessary conditions for the proper development of the session are assured (in particular, levels of noise and brightness within standards).


TEA methodology does not consider sessions at home (i.e. at the TEAcher’s or the user’s place). Online TEA sessions are made available, in case mobility is a constraint for the user, provided communicability requirements are guaranteed (e.g. stability and speed of internet connection).


Subject to the above-mentioned aspects, the frequency, scheduling, duration and venue of each session are the result of an agreement between the teacher and the user, depending on whichever suits both. The Managing Direction does not usually intervene in this arrangement, except in case of disagreement, where mediation may be necessary.


Sessions must be scheduled as early as possible. TEA cannot guarantee TEAchers’ availability for bookings with less than 7 days in advance.


Individual sessions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the start time, except when it is due to an extremely compelling reason or event proven unpredictable. Non-compliance with this point entails the loss of the session (no-show), with no possibility of replacement.

About the teacher-user relationship

TEAchers within the basis of our network (CommuniTEA) are carefully selected. Individually, we value the adequacy of their profile to TEA methodology, and collectively we value the multiplicity of profiles that enriches our network.


Taking advantage of this diversity, no TEAcher is randomly assigned to a service/Affair. Instead, this selection is based on 3 key criteria, in order of priority: geography, time availability and the extent to which the TEAcher’s profile fits the user or users’ needs.


Should the TEAcher-user(s) relationship become unfeasible in the course of a service/Affair, for whichever reason attributable to the TEAcher, TEA will make every effort to ensure their appropriate replacement.

About exchanges and refunds

The user of a TEA Pack may exchange programs by downgrading or upgrading to another TEA Pack. This intention should be given explicit notice in writing with at least 15 days in advance. 


There can only be a refund if, for whichever reason attributable to TEA, all the possible solutions for providing the service are exhausted.


If the continuity of the service becomes unfeasible for whichever reason attributable to the user, the paid and unused hours of an active TEA Pack may be transferred to another user explicitly designated by the former in writing.


The transfer of a TEA Pack constitutes a new service, with the definition of a new plan, according to the new user’s needs.

About group Learning programs

Group programs such as Speaking and Writing Intensity Training (SWIT) and TEA Pot are specific TEA services, thus deserving a special remark on its particularities, notwithstanding its commonalities with the generic service.


The service is provided to the person who has purchased it, or to any other person explicitly designated in writing, and it is carried out as online or in-person group programs to develop specific or general language skills in a shared format.


The use of the service is only possible after the payment of the monthly feeand upon receipt of the corresponding proof. 


The payment of the subscription is made by wire transfer, according to the country where the service is provided: PT50 0023 0000 45532965359 94 (Portugal) ou AO06 0040 0000 080243151014 8 (Angola). Alternative payment methods may also be used, whenever they are available at the payment checkout.


The paid amount gives access to all the components of the programs, including: group classes with a qualified teacher, continuous support with self-study strategies and access to the CommuniTEA for networking and immersive practice.


The paid amount does not include initial individual assessment, the definition of a personalized plan or an individualized learning guidance. These components may be separately acquired at any time.


The monthly subscription is valid from the payment calendar day to the same calendar day of the following month (e.g. from March 20 to April 20). Non-renewal of the subscription entails restricted access to the program components until a new payment is made.


Users with active TEA Packs are entitled to make use of their available hours to access group classes or they may use a Black TEA vip pack to combine both formats.


Group sessions are previously scheduled, with fixed days, hours and settings, unless agreed otherwise by TEAcher and users.


The cancellation of group sessions is only possible by mutual agreement between TEAcher and all users, and should be made with at least 24 hours in advance. 


A scheduled group session takes place when at least 1 of the users is present, with no possibility of replacement for the absent users.


By nature, group programs at TEA are level-based and often goal and interest-based too. We strongly recommend that, before any subscription to the program, a level test is taken and, in case of doubt or need for further guidance, an assessment session is made.


Last updated: 15/03/2022

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