Being a TEA teacher (that is, a TEA-cher) is not only fun and challenging, but it also offers a range of advantages that you would hardly have when private teaching on your own:

  • MAKE A DIFFERENCEbe part of a fresh, sleek concept and an innovative teaching approach that will foster your creativity

  • MARKET YOURSELFwe help you enhance your visibility as a cool teacher and promote your profile to a wider audience

  • TEAM UPconnect and interact with other cool teachers to exchange ideas, improve strategies and find new solutions

  • HALF THE WAY DONEaccess a full database of versatile teaching material, where you’re also free to create and share

  • KEEP BACKED UPlet us take care of most the bureaucratic affairs, so that you can focus on your real business, teaching

  • USE IT AS AN ADD-ONyou can choose how much of your time will be for TEA and align it with other professional activities

TEA is continuously working on partnerships with other companies to provide further benefits and advantages to teachers of our communiTEA, so stay tuned and don’t miss a thing!

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