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Pumpkin Head

[cabeça de abóbora] ca.be.ça de a.bó.bo.ra {kɐbesɐdɐˈbɔburɐ} substantivo / adjectivo, utilizado para os 2 géneros. 1.  pessoa que denota pouco juízo 2.  pessoa distraída [Coitado do Pumpkinhead! Afinal parece que não há nada de assustador sobre ele…] Happy Halloween! If you are fond of this holiday (very popular in America, but not quite much around Portuguese-speaking countries), there is a […]

The Walking Dead

There is something terribly wrong with Portuguese animals! Old ladies say it all the time: it is deadly for donkeys to have any brain activity (A pensar morreu o burro). Poor animals… I’ve never witnessed it, but I can picture a cute little donkey strolling around and suddenly drop like flies. Not everything is bad news, though: the young […]

On Idiomatic Expressions

By Ana Marques The latest topic of our Affair sessions has been Idiomatic Expressions. A friend of mine, who’s in the Advanced Level, had already introduced me to it, when she told me I have green hands. I learned that this means I like to grow stuff, like vegetables, herbs, plants or bonsais (which aren’t […]

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