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We're the perfect tea for you!

How do you want to learn your Portuguese? We will always be here to make sure your experience is special and tailor-made.

Shall we start?

We're the perfect tea for you!

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TEA for one or for two?

TEA Packs are individual programs for flexible and customized language learning

To learn in pairs we offer a 50% discount for subscribing 2 equal packs

Ideal for getting a study routine boosting confidence preparing for an interview refining the language preparing a trip expanding vocabulary preparing for an exam

White TEA Pack

Light TEA with low intensity
  • Up to 8h/month with TEAcher
  • Individual and customized plan
  • Plan review every 3 months
  • Regular schedule**

Camomile TEA Pack

Smooth-paced TEA with mild intensity
  • Up to 12h/month individual/group
  • Individual and in group plan
  • Montlhy plan review
  • Up to 2 in-person sessions per cycle*
  • Expanded (pre + afterwork)**

Red TEA Pack

Invigorating TEA with high intensity
Preço sob consulta
  • Choose the number of hours
  • Individual or Duo plan
  • Montlhy plan review
  • Choose in-person sessions*
  • Make your own schedule**

*available in Lisbon and Luanda

**regular schedule is Monday to Friday 9:00 to 19:00. Expanded schedule includes -2h in the morning, +2h in the evening and on the weekend/bank holidays

Want to learn Portuguese socially?

Develop your Portuguese while practicing with other learners sharing the same goals and interests.

Ideal for sharing a study routine meeting new people getting group confidence overcoming procrastination trading ideas and get social expanding vocabulary learning in a community

Black TEA Pack

Blended TEA with strong intensity
  • Up to 10h/month with TEAcher
  • Blended individual and group
  • Plan review every 6 months
  • Up to 20% of in-person sessions*


Small groups shared TEA
  • Up to 8h/month with TEAcher
  • Group plan
  • Plan review every 6 months
  • Online sessions


Energy booster focused on production skills
  • 30 days of speaking & writing
  • Group 30-day challenge
  • Guided Self-study
  • Online sessions


Neither. TEA is more like an anti-school. We’re a personalized service that provides learning experiences of English and Portuguese, offering an unconventional alternative to language schools and institutes.

We teach Portuguese for speakers of English and English for speakers of Portuguese

TEA classes can be online or in person, individual or in groups. Regardless of the format, they are always informal, relaxed and personalized, tailored to your needs based on a personal plan.

TEA is a school based on social classrooms, so we have no specific physical space. It is possible to find us in cafes and tea houses, but it is also easy to talk to us here.

All material is tailored to each affair’s needs: we generally use authentic material with resources that are meaningful to the student’s day-to-day life and promote reflection and discussion (e.g. articles, videos, challenges to solve).

No. Our in-person classes take place in informal and social spaces. For those who cannot or do not want to leave home, we have online sessions which are as dynamic as the in-person ones.

TEA prices depend on some variables, such as the intensity you’re looking for, whether you want to learn in groups, in pairs or individually, how much schedule flexibility you need, etc. 

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