Why having a First Date?

First Date is an individual session where we assess your specific needs in Portuguese, to set a personal plan tailored to your goals and interests.

It makes it easier for you to decide and lowers uncertainty towards the investment and commitment you’re about to take. 

What you get with First Date

This session guides and gives you more clarity to decide whether to move on with TEA and the best way to follow.

Inglês, english

At the end of the First Date you will:

First Date is for you if you:

Frequently Asked Questions

First Date is a completely online session, so you can do it wherever you are, as long as you have a device with a camera, microphone and Internet connection.

Yes. Since this session serves to diagnose your needs in Portuguese, it is suitable for any level of proficiency, especially if you are just starting out or don’t know which way to go.

First Date takes approximately 1 hour (60 minutes).

The session is mostly in English as your primary language, but it also includes a brief interview in Portuguese to assess your conversational skills.

Since First Date is an infoproduct, refunds are not possible because there is no way you can return the information you’ve received.

As this is not yet a learning session, First Date does not include any support material besides the personalised plan. 

Yes. Within the 24 hours after the session, you will receive by email the personalised plan and our recommendation on the best strategy to follow, depending on the identified needs and objectives.

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