light (laɪt) noun.  electromagnetic radiation of any frequency or wavelength, sometimes visible by the normal human eye verb. 1. to set on fire; to ignite or burn 2. to emit light; to become luminous 3. to provide, cover, or fill with light; to illuminate adjective. 1. characterised by or filled with light; bright 2. not dark in colour 3. having a greater degree of lightness; not heavy luz • iluminar • leve I thought of August and wished to talk about lightness. But […]


breathe (briːð) verb. 1. to take a pause; rest 2. to take air into the lungs and expel it; inhale and exhale; respire 3. to move or blow gently, as air 4. to speak softly; whisper 5. to live; exist ( res·pi·rar )   breath (brɛθ) noun. 1. the capacity to breathe; the act or […]


o·ver·load (ō′vər-lōd′) transitive verb. o·ver·load·ed, o·ver·load·ing, o·ver·loads. To load too heavily. noun. An excessive load.   so·bre·car·ga   Lê este artigo em Português aqui.   I often feel this weight. But, when I look around, I realise that I am not the only one. This persistent “overflow” has become the rule rather than the exception, to […]