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Ready for the next level?

a monthly subscription to take your English to the next level!

Completely outside the box, our Speaking and Writing Intensity Training is like an energy drink, a booster to help intermediate speakers beat stagnation and overcome the language plateau.

What is SWIT?

Speaking and Writing Intensity Training

SWIT is a TEA learning program for speakers who already have the basics of the language but struggle to overcome the stagnation typical of the intermediate language plateau. The program is fully delivered online and has three key components:

business and finance 1 | The English Affair

Power Classes

live group sessions with challenge-based situations to practice speaking and writing;

chat | The English Affair

Power Tips

daily text messages with words and expressions to increase vocabulary;

chat 1 | The English Affair

Social Room

a social forum for discussion and extra questions

What you get with SWIT

Just as at the gym, with SWIT monthly membership you get access to all the mentioned features.

Join online power classes in small groups to boost your speaking.

Several times a week | 1 hour duration | high intensity | English only

Join online power classes in small groups to boost your writing

Several times a week | 1 hour duration | high intensity | English only

Daily messages with tips about using English to fuel up your individual practice

Get exclusive access to a forum to connect to other SWITers and ask questions

Full access 24/7 | teacher-moderated | English only

swit intensity | The English Affair

SWIT is for you ...

If you're an Intermediate User

and your English level is somewhere between B1 an B2

If you understand this text

but struggle to keep a fluent conversation in English

If you use Google Translator

every time you need to write an email in English.

Subscribe SWIT now!

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Speaking and Writing Intensity Training

Ideal para:

Vencer o intermediate plateau

Focar na produção oral e escrita

Interagir com pessoas com os mesmos desafios

89.00 / mês



Black TEA

SWIT ou TEA Pot + 4h individuais/mês

Ideal para:

Combinar a personalização das aulas individuais com a interação das aulas em grupo (SWIT / TEA Pot) e ter o melhor dos 2 mundos sem ter que escolher



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