End of TEA Pack_EN

♥ About the Teacher... 

[write their name]

did they show mastery of using and teaching the language?

did they show creativity?

did they show willingness?

♥ About the Content...

was the content useful / relevant?

did the content suit your learning needs?

did the content cover your hobbies & interests?

♥ About the Time...

did the sessions scheduling suit your availability?

did the duration of the sessions meet what you intended?

did the frequency of the sessions meet what you intended?

♥ About the Place...

did the sessions location meet what you intended?

was the chosen spot / platform appropriate for the sessions?

did you drink tea in every session?

♥ About your performance...

were you motivated to learn?

did you put enough effort into the process?

have your goals been achieved?

Overall, did your TEA experience meet your expectations?

Would you recommend TEA to a friend?

What else would you like to tell us?

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