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Me(tea)ing – Inglês


Um encontro presencial com estratégias práticas para conversar em Inglês sem ansiedade

Me(tea)ing é a reunião que pediste com o Inglês

  • encontro presencial em atmosfera intimista
  • pequenos grupos até 6 pessoas
  • prática de Inglês com networking guiado
  • foco total em conversação e interação social
  • estratégias práticas e simples para o dia-a-dia
  • e tudo isso enquanto tomamos um chá (ou vinho)

Perguntas Frequentes

No, Me(tea)ing is a set of in-person events in the format of a 2-hour workshop. Its aim is to help you practice the Portuguese language, using communication and guided social interaction in a small group.
Me(tea)ing events will take place mostly at TEA Room – Coworking & Cobeing in Agualva (Sintra line). When suitable, the venue can change and some activities can also be held outdoors.
Each Me(tea)ing will have a specific subject in focus, but you will not learn theory. Instead, the sessions are intended to be practical, with a hand-on approach. You will be given the chance to build conversation strategies, through guided interaction activities with the other participants.
The groups have a maximum of 6 (six) participants.
No. Payments should be made prior to the event, and as soon as possible, since your seat will only be secured after it.
Yes, this is a beginner-friendly event. You will be in a small group and with step-by-step guidance, including examples, templates and flashcards to follow through.
It depends. If you know how to say things in Portuguese but you lack confidence or you’re not really able to speak, then you are a “false” intermediate because you’re not truly an independent user. In such case, you can benefit a lot from the event. Otherwise, if you understand Portuguese, you know how to say things and you really make use of what you know, then it doesn’t add much. Nevertheless, you may always come for the networking.
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