LoyalTEA Club

Your dedication deserves a reward

Get credits based on positive actions or key milestones in your affair and trade them for benefits, such as discounts and offers at TEA and partners.

Why the LoyalTEA Club?

It’s hard to keep focus and consistency to learn a language, so we want to reward you for all the effort you put. 


LoyalTEA is the program that gives credits for your positive actions at TEA, which you can then exchange for exclusive benefits.

How does it work?

At the start of an affair at TEA you’re already getting credits – the LoyalTEA cups, but you keep collecting more cups along the way and can trade them for an offer you choose when reaching 10.

You get LoyalTEA cups when:

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Choose your LoyalTEA offer

If you already have 10 LoyalTEA cups, trade them for your favourite offer. Fill out the form to make your order and enjoy your reward. You deserve it!

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