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Invite Portuguese

This program is a powerful tool with daily challenges for you to build a consistent relationship with Portuguese in a simple way on a lighter path to fluency.

The program workbook is a 100% writable digital product, so you don’t need to print it. You can read and write on it directly and offline on computer or tablet. Save the file while you fill it out and make a copy at the end to repeat the challenge whenever you want.


* You need Adobe Acrobat to edit the document 

Invite Portuguese In is about self-organisation and managing emotions in your relationship with Portuguese

Over 60 pages inviting you to create space and time for Portuguese from self-knowledge to beat shame, perfectionism, and the fear of making mistakes, to become more flexible to cope with pronunciation, writing and the use of grammar. 

Build the self-confidence to use Portuguese as a tool to communicate.

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Program | Invite Portuguese In

FORMAT: Interactive Workbook – Writable PDF 

N. PAGES: 69


The workbook allows you to read and write directly on the document, on computer or tablet, so you do not need to print.


* You need Adobe Acrobat to edit the document 

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30 days with Portuguese | Structure

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Semana 2

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Semana 5

The mentor

Yonara Mateus. Founder of TEA. Curious, communicator, communicative, language lover, passionate about people. Addicted to tea, chocolate and beautiful spots to linger around.  


was born in Angola, raised em Portugal, live between the two yet love to travel the world. I speak Portuguese as a first language, English as second, Spanish, French and Italian as foreign languages. Umbundu and Kimbundu are my ancestry languages.


All of this, combined with the habit of questioning the status quo, led me to create TEA in 2013, as a rebellious response to the traditional learning system.


My academic path had its start in human development, and not in Literature. Thus perhaps my perspective over language learning being so different. 


I’ve been an enabler of adult learning processes since 2007, as a teacher, trainer and mentor, though I’m increasingly more of a learner than a teacher.


Invite Portuguese In is a 30-day program guided by an interactive workbook with daily challenges. You can download the workbook right after payment and from that date you will receive a message corresponding to the challenge of the day every day in your email inbox. By fulfilling the challenge of the day, you can then share it in the forum and ask any questions.

Yes, if you have a minimum knowledge of Portuguese (at least A2, as a reference level). If you’re a total beginner, you may need some basics first and in that case we recommend starting with a TEA Pack program instead.

The program takes 30 days, from the day following purchase. Once downloaded, the workbook is yours forever and you can repeat the challenges as many times as you want. Yet, only within the 30 days of the program you have access to the discussion forum to interact and ask questions.

For each daily challenge (including the reading, reflection, execution and sharing) you may need an average of 30 minutes per day.

Since this program is an info-product you can use from the moment of purchase, no refunds are possible.

Yes. Invite Portuguese In is a program guided by an interactive writable workbook and audio messages that serve as a guide to the daily challenges.

Yes. The support during the 30 days of the program is done on the forum where our team is available to answer questions and help you in the process.

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