TEA Packs

Your customised Portuguese with a program completely tailored to you

Build the confidence to speak based on who you are, what you like and what you need

o que é o tea

TEA Packs are flexible Portuguese programs in a mentoring format that adapt to the needs of each person.

Learning is always personalised:

Individual or in-pairs live sessions with 100% full dedicated attention

Online or in-person* with flexible regularity, schedule and duration

Content and topics focused on your personal and professional interests

*in-person format available in Lisbon and Luanda

With a TEA Pack you get a special affair that includes:

This program is for you if:

White TEA Pack

Light TEA with low intensity
000.00Kz /month
  • Up to 8h/month live sessions
  • Individual personalised plan
  • Plan checkpoint every 3 months
  • Regular schedule***

Camomile TEA Pack

Calm TEA with medium intensity
000.00Kz /month
  • Up to 12h/month live sessions*
  • Individual personalised plan combined with community
  • Includes video-lessons
  • Monthly plan checkpoint
  • Up to 2 in-person sessions per cycle**
  • Extended schedule (pre + after work)***

Red TEA Pack

Tailor-made special TEA
Upon quote request
  • Personalised number of hours
  • Individual or duo plan
  • Includes video-lessons
  • Monthly plan checkpoint
  • Personalised number of in-person sessions**
  • Personalised schedule***

* The 12h of live sessions in Camomile TEA Pack include individual and group sessions.

** Available in Lisbon and Luanda.

*** Regular schedule is from 9:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday. Extended schedule is from 7:00am to 9:00pm and Saturday mornings.


TEA Packs are tailor-made mentoring TEA programs. The learning process is planned according to your needs: you can choose between an individual format, a duo (with another person of a similar level) or combined format with a community. Depending on the Pack chosen, you can have more or less customisation and flexibility.

There is an online format option in every Pack but there is no in-person option in the White TEA Pack. Camomile TEA Pack allows up to 2 in-person sessions combined with online sessions. Red TEA Pack makes it possible to define an unlimited number of in-person sessions, upon a quote.

Yes. Since they are fully customisable, TEA Packs are well-suited to people of all proficiency levels, whether you are starting out with Portuguese, moving forward with some basics or just brushing up on advanced skills.

The format in White TEA Pack is individual, but Camomile TEA Pack allows combining individual and group format with participation in the TEAPOT Club. In Red TEA Pack there is the option of a duo format (with another person of similar level and goal), upon a quote.

Yes, schedules are flexible depending on student and TEAcher’s availability. The flexibility of schedules can be greater or lesser according to the chosen TEA Pack. In White TEA Pack, sessions can only be booked within the regular schedule from Monday to Friday, working hours (9am-6pm) or after-work (6pm-9pm). Camomile TEA Pack adds the possibility of choosing pre-work hours (Monday to Friday, 6am to 9am) and Saturday mornings. Red TEA Pack allows for a greater flexibility, upon quotation.

Yes. All the topics covered include related support material, which can be prepared (infosheets, worksheets, coursebooks) or authentic material (videos, audios, articles, etc.) curated by the TEAcher responsible for the affair.

The payment of TEA Packs is monthly according to the chosen Pack and the duration of the mentoring (minimum 1 month).

Meet the mentor

The founder of TEA. Curious, communicator, communicative, language lover, passionate about people. Addicted to tea, chocolate and beautiful spots to linger around.  


Yonara Mateus was born in Angola, raised em Portugal, lives between the two yet loves to travel the world. She speaks Portuguese as a first language, English as second, Spanish, French and Italian as foreign languages. Umbundu and Kimbundu are her ancestry languages.


All of this, combined with the habit of questioning the status quo, led her to create TEA in 2013, as a rebellious response to the traditional learning system.


Yonara’s academic path had its start in human development, and not in Literature. Thus perhaps her perspective over language learning being so different. 


She’s been an enabler of adult learning processes since 2007, as a teacher, trainer and mentor, though she’s more increasingly a learner than a teacher.

A mentora

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