How to join the Portuguese TEA Pot?

TEA Pot is a group program subscription that helps you unlock your Portuguese with a global training of the language in an immersive networking setting with continuous support of a teacher.

Duration: 6 months

Format: Online or in person

Outcome: Greater confidence and fluency to enjoy Portuguese living

Pay €96/month or subscribe 6 months for €474 and save €100

What's included in this program?

Our methodology is focused on those who are making their way towards becoming fluent in Portuguese to enjoy living in Portugal to the fullest. The meetings are always in Portuguese, yet without the pressure of having the perfect language.

Up to 4 People per Class

Networking Group

8 Hours per Month

Continuous support

€96 /month

Immersive environment

Frequently Asked Questions:

We recommend at least 60 hours for you to feel at ease with using Portuguese. But it really varies according to the person and mainly to their commitment to the process. 

TEA Pot includes 2 hours per week, which can be done in a 2-hour single class or in two 1-hour classes on alternate days.

TEA Pot groups are made of 3 to 4 people, all with the same level of proficiency.

You have extra-class support, in an exclusive WhatsApp group, to keep the learning going, share experiences with your classmates and ask questions that may help you in your self-study.

TEA Pot classes happen if at least 1 of the participants is present and there’s no replacement class. So your presence is essential! Each missed class is one less opportunity to get closer to your goal.

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