Affairs were not made to be complicated,
and that's why TEA is simple!

We always run away from bureaucracies, unrealistic commitments and stifling contracts. This doesn’t mean that we have no rules, but we try hard to make the process as fluid as possible, so that learning remains the thing that matters the most.

TEA methodology is grounded on 3 principles: individualizationnatural contexts and informal processes.


What is the flow?

1BOOK: Choose the day, time and place. Then you just have to get in touch with us and schedule your  diagnostic session. If you can’t think of any place to meet, we have some nice suggestions of quiet and cosy spots for us to have our tea

2ASSESS: We want to know the starting point. While we have our tea, we take the opportunity to understand your start level, what you want to achieve and how you want to get there. The tea is our courtesy, and this session can also be.

3PLAN: Make your own affair. Have we already mentioned TEA is personal? Right, it really is! We believe each person is unique and so are their needs, thus your role in defining the roll-out plan is crucial.

1 Session, 1 Hour, 1 Tea

4PAY: It’s a give-and-take. Simple, right? After choosing your Tea Pack, you pay for it and that’s it, you can start investing in your Portuguese. Remember that you are only able to book your sessions after the payment.

5USE: Now it’s just booking the sessions and enjoy learning. You can book them all at once or as you progress. Send and email to or contact the teacher responsible for your affair.


Please note that TEA cannot guarantee schedule availability for bookings within less than 7 days prior to the date.

Which linguistic skills can you develop?

Compreensão oral

Compreensão Escrita

Expressão oral

Expressão Escrita


Exam prep:
Preparação para exames