FO·MO (fō′mō) acronym. 1. an abbreviation for fear of missing out. fo·mo FOMO. The fear of missing out. You know that social anxiety, the need to be always connected to what others are doing? Almost like a sick desire to be everywhere – especially where you’re not – just because you believe others are having […]



res·sig·ni·fi·car (re- + significar) verbo. 1. dar um outro ou um novo significado a algo re·sig·ni·fy How to resignify a word? It has been 6 months, but it feels like yesterday. It’s been 6 months, but it feels like 3 years. Our experiences influence the meaning of words and words influence the meaning of our experiences. Confusing? It is simpler than it seems. […]


hap·pen·stance (hăp′ən-stăns′ or ˈhæp ənˌstæns) noun. 1. a chance circumstance 2. an unexpected random event 3. a coincidence a·ca·so When did happenstance last happen to you? From time to time I learn a new word. This happens both in English and in Portuguese, and it always feels so strange to me the fact that I had never seen it […]



lei·sure (ˈlɛʒə; ˈliːʒər) noun. 1. free time from the demands of work or other duties 2. relaxation or activities engaged in during such time 3. unhurried ease la·zer What is leisure for you? As I begin to close my week to finally pack for what I’ve been proudly bragging about to be a week of holidays, my mind gently drifts. People often ask me why I never go on […]