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Brutally honest

Where do we set the boundaries between honesty and politeness? How far can we go when speaking the truth? There should be no need to state the obvious. Honesty is the best path to find ourselves, even if our wish is to get lost. “No, I won’t go out with you. I don’t feel like […]

Wildflower fields

There is a holy place where you can be who you are, go where you will and share the path of freedom. It is the land of dreams, where nature lives in peace and helps you fly over wildflower fields. This is where magic hides: so close and yet so far away. “Oh, Florence! What a […]

Like a tattoo

I had a wise black cat. He was black like the darkest of the nights, wise like the brightest of the days. I had a wise black cat who smiled when I cried and healed my falling tears and broken dreams. He was gentle like a flower, sweet like a Sunday morning, warm like a […]

Language of Love

“What language do words speak? What if words spoke a language?” Wondered Alice as she put her son to bed. “Carry on, mummy. I like this topic.” Sam, her brilliant and sensitive little boy, encouraged her to continue her wandering thoughts. “We are all united by the meaning of words even if we speak different languages.” “But […]

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